Restoring Pathways in Croxteth Park – Please support us!

We want to restore/replace some of the existing pathways in the park. There is one area in particular we are thinking of which is the area subject to flooding. This stretch has some exposed tree roots which can be hazardous to walkers/runners and especially those with buggies and wheelchairs, and there’s a fair bit of erosion along this stretch which means the path needs building up and also raising to allow adequate drainage into the River Alt. We want to enhance the physical natural environment to improve public access this forms part of an area that is close to the River Alt and at risk of flooding.

What we’ll deliver:

  • We will provide better pathways for people to use especially those with prams and wheelchairs
  • We will remove the problem of flooding on this stretch of the park

Why it’s a great idea:

This project will benefit all park users who use the pathways, at the moment lots of pathways both within the inner and outer perimeters of the park, this project will increase accessibility for all people.

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